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Is a scam – Quick Review

September 2, 2011

Is a scam? I went to this site few moments ago and found following weird information. So, I decided to write this quick review.

They say,

“We are looking employees for our clients as a part time or full time freelance worker. Select you one or more Jobs according to your job interest”

Looks like a great resource of online jobs. Totally, I found more than 4500 jobs at the moment.

Little weird part is,

I was able to reach to the application page after moving through 3 pages, and all those pages had filled with Adsense advertisements.

Finally, the application also wasn’t in “online form” format. You need to copy contents into word processor and submit manually.

The site has hosted in Blogger platform with own domain, great work, very attractive design template.

Inside the site, there’re links to different Blogs.

They have live chat option too. When it clicks on the link, they tell as “download this software for chatting” looks like some new born community.

At the support section, no more info than few links (these links offers same contents in duplicate format) and more info email address.

I DO NOT say that is a scam because they DON’T ask single or cent form me. But, I don’t know that what will be their action after submitting the application.

  1. chen permalink

    did you send your application form? because I did. They replied with I think an automated email response. I’m still trying to find out if this is a scam.

  2. No. I didn’t send. Because, at the moment, I’m not looking for an online job.

    It really doesn’t matter if they offer online job opportunities free or very cheap price. Why I’m saying like this? Read this……

    I think you know about freelancing websites like,,…. these sites are rich with lot more job opportunities and anybody can join with them free. I’ve seen some people sell these job opportunities for money as information products (guide eBooks), or through membership sites. The thing what they’re doing is nothing more than directing people into above sites after getting their payment.

    Actually, I can’t directly say that it’s a scam because “selling an information product (comes with true contents) isn’t a scam” but the price should be cheap because they’re selling information anyone can find after simple Google search.

    • Wasiu permalink

      Hey Alex, looks like you know of some online jobs. I’d please like to know some that operates world wide, I’m really interested and I’m in Africa. If you could please let me know, I’d really appreciate it. I’ve been searching for many but they only lead to crazy links or are not free after all. Some of them demand for accounts I do not have, but please if you know of any simple type, will you let me know? My e-mail is Thanks.

  3. randall permalink

    i applied for the job but haven’t got a reply from i know it’s a scam now because they ask you to create id’s at paltalk and smilebox and ask for the id’s, i think they take these id’s and get money from these websites.just my 2 cents.

  4. kalaivani permalink

    I am agree with randall statement.

  5. I was going to apply, but something was off putting about the site. First of all, what puts me off is the bad grammatical usage; I’m not too sure if English is their first language. Secondly, I’m really cautious to posting my resume to them. I feel this is another way to get your identity details, together with your working experience. Also, why would they request a background check when you are only going to work online?
    Because I trust my intuition, I have decided NOT to apply to this site. As I said at the beginning, something doesn’t seem right.

  6. thank u my frnds

  7. Leslie permalink

    I have to agree it seems too fishy to me….I was half way through the application when I changed my mind.

  8. Sal permalink

    Been tracking this site for a while now …… something definitely not right with this. They promise an incredibly high rate of payment for their freelance jobs. Interesting point ……registration details says this is an Indian website… an Indian myself, I know for a fact Indian employers are only ever willing to offer minimal compensation for freelance jobs….avoidable at best

  9. hi guys… i can’t tell either if it’s scam or not. But what holds me from applying or giving my info to them is the way website look. It’s very unprofessionally designed, sponsored ads are everywhere, their links redirects you to different websites such as blogspot etc. Im afraid that filling up their application form could help them know information about credit cards etc. Tai is right. it doesn’t seem right. I don’t feel safe. it’s not trustworthy. it doesn’t look legitimate at all. If it’s a real company or organization they would at least have a decent website, a decent domain name not a .info name, and they dont even have a legitimate information about them or how people can reach them aside from a gmail email address. thanks for your opinions guys. im enlightend now and have made up my mind. I will not apply..

  10. kesly13 permalink

    any update if this site is a scam or not??

  11. NAVEED permalink


  12. abmahsid permalink

    Is there any trusted site for online jobs.

  13. yugander raju permalink

    Friends I read all the comments, I too think they are doing time pass with the people. If they want to give a job (online or offline) why these critical involvements. For ‘freelance job id’ if you click this the page takes to you to ‘’ Even if you fill out your resume, you dont get the id. like ‘paltalk is same. I have sent so many requested mails to them for ‘how to get both ids’ .Hence i came to conclusion that these are scam.

  14. yes, I do agree with you raju. I’ve sent the appl. form and the reply is similar to those three id..and
    when I click whatever instructions lead me to download again and again with no id appear… be aware.

  15. lady permalink

    thanks for the comments. These are very helpful! I’m not also so sure with the website. God Bless 🙂

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