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Is a scam

October 20, 2011

Today, I tried to join with, and gotten following results. Is it a scam? Read this review, here is the information I found and the decision is on your hand.

At the home page, they asked my personal info (name, email, country), and redirected to subscription confirmation page.

The page is filled with infolinks, and bidvertiser advertisements.

Next, I got an email confirm link (Aweber) and the link sends me to welcome page it said,

Welcome to

You have been added to our database!

Check your email again for an important message about online job opportunities.

There was a paragraph bellow, filled with infolinks advertisements (with little unethical motivation) and these links had combined with highly targeted keywords (At the moment) such as “job opportunities”, “work at home opportunities”

Next, I opened the second email. Following is it.

Welcome xxxx.

 Your subscription has been processed and you have been added to our database.

 You can now apply for available online job opportunities with us and our affiliates.

 Step 1:

 If you want to start earning money immediately, you should join (link1).  You can work online at home and make up to $500 per day. (link2) posts new positions every day and you can start right away.

 <<< Click Here to Start Your Free Search >>> (link3)

Link1 = link2 = link3 = ClickBank Affiliate links


In an effort to keep the quality of workers as high as possible and streamline the job placement process, we partner only with the best work at home referral services.

 Step 2:

For instant access to these and other online job opportunities, enroll now in one of these Premier Partner programs:

(link4) – If you are interested in immediate online job opportunities, join Legit Online Jobs where you will find several openings at pay rates of $200-$500 per day.  Legit Online Jobs has been in business since 2004 and has been the #1 work at home program 4 years in a row. <<< (link5) >>>

(link6) – If you are interested in completing online surveys, we recommend Surveys Paid ll find immediate openings. Surveys Paid is the top Online Paid Survey Site on the WEB.  <<< (link7)>>>

(link8) – If you are interested in online writing jobs, Real Writing Jobs is a great resource for Freelance writing opportunities, blogging jobs and other online writing work. You will be able to immediately start earning $25-$50 per hour.  <<< (link9) >>>

(Link 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 )= ClickBank Affiliate links



    Internet Access

    No Special Software or Hardware Requirements

Benefits Include:

    Work at Home

    Complete Online Training

    Start Immediately

    Work From Any Country

    Set Your Own Schedule

    Earnings Paid Every Week

    Make Up To $7,500+ Every Month ($20 – $50 per hour)

    No Experience Needed

Positions Are Limited…Start Your New Job Today, xxxx

Also, once you enroll in any of these programs, I will email you a copy of “Work At Home Success”

at no charge. This program itself retails for $97 and you can have it today for free.

 Again, thank you for contacting us and I look forward to you joining our Team!


Andrew Morris

My final review doesn’t offer own online jobs at the moment . The only thing they’re doing is promoting ClickBank Affiliate products.

  1. roohi permalink

    can anyone tell me which website is good for part time work from home?

  2. Bing permalink

    I have tried following all the steps as described and when I’m almost getting the job, payment is suddenly required…and you’re right, it is promoting clickbank affiliates…poor me, instead of looking for job that will pay me, I need to pay them first. What if after paying I don’t get any job at all…I think that will not be a practical way of looking for an online job after all…

  3. qwerty permalink


  4. Ursula permalink

    Is there ANY non-scamming online jobs available???? I want to work from home and don’t want to be scammed again!

  5. ghie permalink

    yup there is neobux and clicxsense

  6. melyoka permalink

    Try…. or O-Desk?? But you have to bet and pick only five star trusted employer…

  7. Lim Kwok Kuen permalink

    Thank you for sharing info.
    Glad that I checked before signing in
    Pls share info on any authentic and legit online job site

  8. hijab mujib permalink

    Is outsource not really a online job site?plz help me to find a legit online earning site. Bcoz I desparately need there any Online legit site then plz inform me Nb

  9. So glad I checked. Thanks for all the info here. what are not bogus,because they’re everywhere!

  10. they convince that it is a free registration, but somehow, after you filled up all info. they ask payment for reg. what a hick!!!! any form of scam, you should not pay for them in order to get the job. Be aware! it is another way of SCAM

  11. Tandee permalink

    So is there anybody who has paid the money and gone ahead to find that you can make it, on the site? Would like to know just to keep options open.

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